Nine Mile is a village located in Saint Ann Parish Jamaica. It is the birthplace of our reggae legend, Bob Marley. Mr. Bob Marley was a believer in the Rastafari movement which is clearly seen in his music. A man of peace, knowledge, and spiritual guidance for us all, Nine Mile jamaica hopes to share the legacy that is Bob Marley while educating our visitors about his life, music, and legacy.

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  1. Stanley Says:

    Five days of friendly people, and smiling children. What look at first glance a point of despair, is actually a jewel in the rough.

    Between my host, the Villagers, and my wonderful little photographers, I left Nine Mile, with a sence of attachment, and longing to return.

    My only regret was the inability to help them in a way that would last.

    Thank you Nine Mile: much respect and one love

    Ja Love Stanley

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